video 01 - people & motion (Menschen & Bewegung)

Published by admin on Monday, August 15, 2022


Where to find the video QR-code in Fulda

Fussgängerzone - Bahnhofsvorplatz Fulda


This video deals with leisure time and how it is spent in both cities (Oshkosh and Fulda). However, it is not so much about the content of the video, meaning footage of people shopping or activities in the park. It is more about people, motion, shapes, and color that derive from the mix and overlaying. The editing and manipulation of the material, together with the sound, create a meditative flow of shapes and colors that is morphing continuously. This indicates how similar the concept of free time is dealt with in both cities, although they are almost 7000 km apart.

Used Video Material/Sites

Oshkosh: Menominee Park (pickleball and tennis courts) / Fulda: pedestrian, Bahnhofsvorplatz


The underlying music was created using audio convolutions of a Menominee song called “Love Song”.

Six love songs were recorded among the Menominee, none expressing personal affections though one has the words “I will keep on courting until morning.” The words of this song are taunting in character. Similar words were found in a Chippewa love song, and “teasing” is not uncommon among friendly Menominee. It was said that the flute was used in courting and that a man who played the flute for such a purpose always carried “love medicine,” in­dicating that he used magic in connection with his music. Mocibat, who recorded this song, was a skillful player of the flute and recorded two performances on that instrument. After one of them, he added words to the melody that he had played. It was said that the use of words in love songs arose in this matter. A free translation of the words associated with this melody is, “You had better go home, your mother loves you so much.”
(Frances Densmore - ethnomusicologist who recorded the music in the early 1900s)
people and motion