video 02 - cathedral (Dom)

Published by admin on Monday, August 15, 2022


Where to find the video QR-code in Fulda

Pauluspromenade/Domplatz Fulda


This video deals with footage from the cathedral in Fulda and images of a transformer station in Oshkosh. Both are characteristic representatives of their time. Contradictory in age and purpose. Still, when mixing them together, a new appreciation arises, which allows a fresh perspective on the traditional.

Used Video Material/Sites

Oshkosh: Transformer station at the corner of Bowen and Murdock / Fulda: Dom


The underlying music was created using audio convolutions of a Menominee song called “Healing Song of the Spirt Women”.

This is a song used in the treatment of the sick. Two methods of treating the sick are used by the Menominee, as by other tribes, one method depending entirely on the help of “spirits” and the other using herbal remedies. Persons using either method are designated by a term meaning “one who has dreamed of sickness and its cure.” The method is in accordance with the instructions received in a dream. He or she who confers with spirits in treating the sick is commonly called a juggler. Each juggler had his or her own source of power. Four of the “spirit women in the east” gave two songs to a juggler named Konimit (Feathers) who lived to be more than 90 years of age. (Frances Densmore - ethnomusicologist who recorded the music in the early 1900s)