video 03 - places (Orte)

Published by admin on Monday, August 15, 2022


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This video puts together several recordings of spaces and places in Oshkosh and Fulda. Sometimes the content is expressive and tells something about its origin. Sometimes not. Still, the changes built new connections of spaces and inherent meaning.

Used Video Material/Sites

Oshkosh: Highway 41, Lake Winnebago, Chief Oshkosh statue, UW Oshkosh campus, Winnebago Mental Health Institute, images from Oshkosh environs / Fulda: Trainstation (various), traffic lights near the cathedral, Pauluspromenade, Magdeburger Strasse, Bahnhofsstrasse, Fuldaer Haus, Fulda Au, Schlosspark


The underlying music was created using audio convolutions of a Menominee song called “I am rewarding you”.

Freely translated, the song speaks, “The power above said, It is I who am now rewarding you so that you will live to old age.” Pigeon, who recorded many Menominee songs, is an excellent representative of the Indian doctor who receives his power in a dream and who uses herbal remedies. When recording this song in 1929 he was presently using it to treat the sick. The song is related to the dream in which he received his power. In an interview, Pigeon commented that he received his songs by inheritance from his Uncle. This song came to him in a dream concerning a bird with a white head that stays high in the air.
(Frances Densmore - ethnomusicologist who recorded the music in the early 1900s)