video 05 - colors (Farben)

Published by admin on Monday, August 15, 2022


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Innenhof Schloss Fulfda


This video radically eradicated the differences between Oshkosh and Fulda. The video material is reduced or abstracted into colored stripes. Thereby, the origin of the material becomes untraceable. In the end, we as inhabitants of this one earth are not so different as our culture and our lives are connected.

Used Video Material/Sites

Various footage from Oshkosh and Fulda


The underlying music was created using audio convolutions of a Menominee song called “I paint my face red”.

This is a song of an adoption dance. An intimate phase of Native American life is shown in the Menominee custom of adopting a person into a family to take the place of a member of the family who has died. This may be done on the day after a death but usually does not take place until some time after a death. The custom was being observed when this song was recorded in 1929. Two forms of adoption dances were held by the Menominee, the more important being received from the east god and the less important from the south god. The east god is the only one who is represented as a man. The morning star is his little brother who always starts out with him carrying his bow and arrows. Both the sun and the morning star appeared to men in dreams. The power of the morning star was always used for help in any undertaking, and it was he who gave the drum to be used in the east god’s dance. The instructions for this adoption dance were received from the east god and the faces of the dancers were painted red, like the eastern sky in the morning. Four songs given by the east god were sung at every dance. This is the first of the four. It was said that no one could help dancing when he heard this song.
(Frances Densmore - ethnomusicologist who recorded the music in the early 1900s)