Monday, August 15, 2022

about the project

Welcome to this official project website!

This project was initiated between Hochschule Fulda / Department of Applied Computer Science and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, due to the 45th anniversary of the cooperation between Hessen and Wisconsin. The project is supported by City Marketing Fulda e.V.

basic idea

USA? Germany? Culture? Differences? Shared commonalities? There are a lot of factors, which influence our lives and built the concepts of how we perceive our lives and specifically our culture. For this project we picked three significant factors:

• the environment we live in - where do we live?

• the global village - even though we might live in a rural part of the world, with smartphones and the internet we 
can watch cultural events from all over the planet and get in touch with artifacts (images, videos, 
commercials, etc.) from various cultures. 

• reproduction and recycling - to look back and reuse creative ideas of the past is as old as mankind. In 
the digital age, it became even more important. It starts already by sharing images and videos via Instagram or TikTok.


This project has several goals: 

• we would like to celebrate the 45 years of collaboration between Wisconsin and Hessen 

• we would like people from both universities 
to collaborate 

• we would like to explore our cultural differences and commonalities

• we would like to design creative audiovisual content/works dealing with all of the above and make them available 
to the public


creation of creative videos which can be watched on mobile devices
usage of audiovisual material from Oshkosh and Fulda
the videos are made for a specific site in the city
the videos are hosted on a (this) website
the links to those videos are displayed via QR codes on the specific sites in the city


Students from Fulda developed “video machines” with Max8 in the class “Design & Coding” and created audiovisual material. The material was edited and uploaded. The music/sounds in each video are convolutions (in electronic music convolution is the imposition of a different spectral or rhythmic structure on a sound) of transcriptions of Menominee Nation songs. The Menominee people are the native inhabitants who once lived where Oshkosh today stands. Usually, Europe is perceived as the “old world” while America is the “new world”. In this case, it is rather the other way around: the old Menominee songs travel back to Europe to become something new in a contemporary artistic context.


This project was initiated and supervised by:
Dylan T. Chmura-Moore, D.M.A.
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Music Director, Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra


Christian M. Fischer, PhD
Professor, Hochschule Fulda
Head of the “Digitale Medien” program

All audiovisual content was generated by students of Hochschule Fulda in the WiSe 21/22 within the “Design & Coding” class, Dylan T. Chmura-Moore and Christian M. Fischer.

Tech support and supervision by M.Sc Manuel Richardt (HS Fulda)